Tonight I am wondering what to write about.  Sometimes, I might write two to four times a week with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  I start writing tonight not because I know what I want to say.  I’m writing because I haven’t writing in a few days. 

Normally, I write based on some ministry I have been involved in.  Yet, I haven’t received any inspiration to write this week.  It’s not that I haven’t been busy this week.  Monday was Parish Council.  Tuesday I was at our final Presbyteral Council meeting of the year followed by the last Executive Committee meeting.  Wednesday evening was the Care of the Community meeting at St. Patrick’s.  On Thursday I met with a parishioner about becoming a Minister of the Communion to the homebound.  I also had a dentist appointment for some fillings in the afternoon.  Today I visited the parish school to join them for morning prayer and then met with a prospective candidate who would like to join the Catholic Church.  (oh – there was also a virus on my office computer today.)  Of course, I also said daily Masses, worked on the Sunday homily, scheduled some baptisms, and wrote some bulletin articles.

I certainly have been busy this week.  I think I have done some important ministry this week yet, in some way, it all seems routine, leaving me without a topic to write about.

How often do you feel like you are very busy, realize you are doing important work, yet when someone asks you how your week has been, you don’t have much to say?  It doesn’t mean you haven’t done some wonderful things.  In my case, I believe I have done what Jesus has asked of me.  Life isn’t about doing good things to make us look special.  It’s about doing what Jesus wants.

What does Jesus want you to do?


Fr. Jeff

P.S. Let me know if you have any questions that I might use for topics to write about.

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