Why a Blog for Renewal of Faith?

Welcome to Renewal of Faith.   I started a website to share my faith journey with others.  It started as a personal website.  Over time it evolved into a website presenting Catholic teaching and how our faith impacts our lives.  Thus, renewaloffaith.org was born.  I continue to add articles from time to time to the website.  Some of the pages on the website are papers I wrote for seminary classes.  The papers are available in PDF format maintaining them as I wrote them for the class.

I finished seminary in 2007.  However, I continued to occasionally write new pages for the website.  Generally the topic is determined by something I am working on in the parish.  In 2013 I began doing regular presentations in the parish and videotaping them.  You can find videos of all of these presentations on www.renewaloffaith.org.

So where does this blog come in?  In September 2008, we began a blog for the parish I was in at the tie.  It began as a way to write about what was going in the parish.  As I wrote for the parish blog I found it an easy place to write thoughts about how we are called to live our faith without all the research I do for www.renewaloffaith.org.   

When I was preparing to change parish assignments in June 2010, I have decided to add a blog to www.renewaloffaith.org.  Currently I post my Sunday homilies on this blog and write occasional reflection articles. 

There are two ways to find new articles on the website.  First, I will post an article here on the blog introducing the new article.  At www.renewaloffaith.org, there is a “What’s New” page and I always list new pages or significant changes on the website there.

Whether on the website or here on the blog, the purpose of the articles is the same.  It is not about me.  Everything I write is to help you learn more about our Catholic faith and how to live it in our world today (I admit I learn a lot myself in writing for the website and the blog gives me a change to reflect on what it really means to be a Christian.).  Jesus calls us to share our faith.  In his message for the 44th World Communications Day on May 16, 2010 entitled “The Priest and Pastoral Ministry in a Digital World: New Media at the Service of the Word”, Pope XVI encourages priests to use the Internet to share our faith.  That is always my goal here.

I hope you enjoy reading both the blog and the website.


Fr. Jeff

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  1. This is great Father Jeff! So many people are on the Digital World. It is a great way to stay connected and I am happy to see you are part of it.

    Sometimes, when I’m sick and cannot attend mass, I go to the internet to partake in it.

    I thank you for doing this,

    Donna Merrill

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