What Sort of Church Should We Be?

If you are a long-term reader of my blog and website, then you know that I fell away from the Church after Confirmation but returned after 16 years.  It is very important for me to be mindful of those who stop coming to church because they do not understand or appreciate all our faith offers us.  This is why I have this website and blog and it is why I do the adult faith presentations you can view in the videos on this website.

In recent years but most especially in the last year I have done a significant amount of reading on the topic of Evangelization and Apologetics.  Last spring I did a presentation (available online at http://www.renewaloffaith.org/video—evangelization-and-apologetics.html – a little over an hour in length) on the topic.

Over the summer I read Evangelii Gaudium and have been doing a lot of thinking for the future of St. Michael’s.  In the area I now serve, Wayne County New York, we are starting a regional process of the Catholic parishes coming together to discuss how we might collaborate to strengthen our Church for the future.

Prompted by this and the reading I have done, in the last couple of weeks, I wrote a new document for my website called “What Sort of Church Should We Be?”  It is in no way a paper on the Catholic Church in Wayne County.  It is a reflection by me articulating what I feel what we must do to be a strong and vibrant Church.  If you are interested in reading it, you can find it on my website at http://www.renewaloffaith.org/what-sort-of-church-should-we-be-.html  It is 3,500 words so it will take a little bit of time to read).


Fr. Jeff


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