What Do You Seek in Prayer?

We are called to pray. Jesus spent time in prayer. If Jesus prayed, then all the more we need to.

When you read the word “prayer”, what comes to mind? Is the Rosary the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe the Divine Mercy Chaplet or some other devotional prayer that is your favorite? For me, my “prayer schedule” centers around the Liturgy of the Hours.

Perhaps when you see the word “prayer”, your thoughts center on prayers you were taught to memorize as a child such as the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be. How about the Apostles’ Creed? Do you say the Serenity Prayer or the Prayer of St. Francis? If you struggle with temptation by Satan, how about saying the Prayer to St. Michael to ask for his help?

All the prayers I have mentioned so far involve prayers of set words. How about prayer where we use our own words? This would include intercessory prayer where you pray for something you or someone you know needs. God wants us to tell him what it is we seek.

What is your goal in prayer? Are you fulfilling an obligation such as Mass? Or are you choosing to pray to come to know God more fully? When you offer intercessory prayer for yourself or others, are you seeking to get what you want or are you seeking what God’s Will is?

Are you talking to God or are you talking with God? The former is a monologue, the latter would be dialogue that seeks a deeper relationship with God.

Do you ever just sit in silence as a way of praying?

Are you willing to allow yourself to be transformed by prayer? I’ll end with this quote from Mother (now Saint) Teresa of Calcutta, “Prayer makes your heart bigger until it is capable of containing the gift of God himself.”


Fr. Jeff

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