My Latest Presentation – “The Journey to Jesus”

I just did another presentation last night.  This one is called “The Journey to Jesus.”  I begin with talking about what “journey” means along with “desert” and “Lent” before discussing the necessity of silence.  You can view the video at—the-journey-to-jesus.html

Hope you enjoy it.  It’s about 1 hour 10 minutes.


Fr. Jeff

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  1. After they watched this video, a person commented to me that I had said in the video that I gave up candy and snacking for Lent but that didn’t seem like much of a sacrifice compared to Jesus on the Cross. I thought I would share my response here.

    I understand what you mean. First, know that giving up candy and snacking is only PART of what I do for Lent. I believe I mentioned in the video that as a kid I gave up candy but without much meaning. Now it has more meaning. One, because I know it is good for my physical health. Secondly, it isn’t a “huge” sacrifice but it is a “significant” sacrifice to me because I think of it EVERY time I am in the store and see the candy as I wait in the register line. Even at home I think of it every time I want a snack (which is often!). Then I remind myself that Jesus’ suffering was far worse so I can easily give up the snacking.

    I didn’t get into all of that in the presentation because my point was to show how no matter how many types we have already experienced Lent, we still need it to draw us back. It isn’t about giving up the candy. It is a metaphor for what can go on in our spiritual lives.

    Hope this helps.


    Fr. Jeff

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