Knowing Our Strengths and Our Weaknesses

God has given each of us many gifts.  No one has all the gifts but working together as a community of believers we have all the gifts we need.  We begin working together by each recognizing our strengths and our weaknesses.  It is as an important to know our weaknesses as well as our strengths.  For when we recognize our weaknesses, then we can open ourselves to God’s help and the help of others.  In the Old Testament, it is David as a young man who defeats the giant Goliath.  There are stories of God insisting on small armies to fight a battle when much larger armies are available.  Why?  When we have what it takes to succeed on our own, even when God helps, we might take the credit for ourselves, but when we know we lack what it takes, then when we succeed we bear witness to the power of God working through us.

It’s easy to admit our strengths (be careful to avoid the sin of pride).  It’s much harder to admit our weaknesses.  But in humility, we acknowledge both, giving thanks to God for our strengths and our successes, while crying out for help in our weaknesses.

So, we need to know our strengths and our weaknesses.  We also need to know our fears and be willing to stretch our comfortable zone.  For me, God called me way beyond my comfort zone when he called me to be a priest.  When I first felt the call to priesthood several things that I didn’t like to do came to mind.  For instance, I didn’t like going to funeral homes or cemeteries.  I didn’t like being around dead people.  As a priest, funeral homes and cemeteries have moved from being a place of fear and dread to a place where God’s grace and the gift of eternal life is cherished.

I am introvert so being in front of people was also been a challenge for me.  It was never that I wasn’t good at public speaking.  I could do it when I had to.  I simply didn’t like to do it because it was outside my comfort zone.  Obviously, as a priest, public speaking is something I do every time I celebrate Mass (and I like to think I am good at it).  I have come to recognize that God has given me what I need to do what he asks of me.

What is God asking of you?  What do you need to do it?  God will give you all that you need to do it, either by giving you the gift yourself or by putting someone in your life to help that has the needed gifts.


Fr. Jeff

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  1. God is asking me to trust and believe that my sight will be restored. I have to trust that the Dr. I met for the first time today has been given the gifts to do surgery successfully. I also have to trust that being in a strange Hospital outside of my familiar community is where I need to be. However I do feel the Holy Spirit has been with me throughout all of my tests today and will be with me in the coming days.

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