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Those of you who are longtime readers of my blog know that sometimes I can go months without writing here on my blog except for posting my Sunday homily. Those long gaps are never my goal. I very much enjoy writing these articles. I just struggle sometimes to find the time to write.

I have had more time to write this year as well as do more presentations in my new assignment as a Parochial Vicar. I am grateful to be able to do this. The silver lining in the cloud of the Coronavirus for me has been to have time to write more articles than I ever imagined. I think I have averaged two to three a week not counting posting my Sunday homily.

This means I have covered a lot of material. At times, I thought I would run out of ideas but somebody would ask a question and I would turn it into a blog article. At other times, the Holy Spirit has provided the ideas. I remember about a month ago, I thought I had run out of ideas. I was finishing up an article and had no idea what I would write about next. I prayed and within fifteen minutes, I had three new ideas. Thank you Holy Spirit!

Normally, something I read (I love to read spirituality/theology), gives me an idea, the Holy Spirit does, or someone asks a question. I got the idea down on scrap paper and then make notes over anywhere from one day to a week until the Spirit tells me to write.

So, why am I telling you all this? Well, one reason is so you know how seriously I take this ministry of my website and blog. This is not something I do on a whim or take for granted.

The second reason is, well, I need ideas. After writing so much during the Coronavirus, I have seemed to have run out of ideas. (I do have a couple of ideas in my head but I think they might ideas for full video presentations. I do have one idea for a blog article but I need to find some information for that.)

So, I asked the Holy Spirit for ideas. Today, the Spirit seems to be saying ask the people. So, this is your chance to ask questions. You can do so by where it says “comment” at the end of this article. You can type your question or comment and send it to me. It will come to me but it will not show on the blog until I approve it (I get a lot of spam). If it is a very simple question, I might answer it right away or it might take days or even longer depending on your question. If I get a lot of questions, it will take a while. Of course, with churches opening up for Mass again (THANK YOU LORD!) I might not have so much time to write. Please be patient.

So, what questions have you wanted to ask about our faith but haven’t had the chance? This isn’t meant for you to try to stump me. I’d like to know what questions you have that come from your heart and soul.


Fr. Jeff


  1. Father Jeff. Is God angry with us? Between COVID19, the economy and loss of jobs along with people truly needing food and unable to afford it, along with the murder of George Floyd and justified public unrest, it feels like God is either punishing us or has turned his back on us. Please help us understand these heart wrenching current events and how our faith can help us deal with all of this. I know He loves us but with all current global events, I feel abandoned. Thank you for your guidance.

  2. Thank you for your question Wanda. This is a very pertinent question. I will put together a throughout answer to your very timely question within a day or two.
    Fr. Jeff

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