An End or a New Beginning

It is the time of year for graduations.  Nowadays, we have graduations from Pre-K, Kindergarten, elementary school, high school, and college.  Graduations mark the accomplishment of learning.  They come at the end of the school year and are often thought of as an “end” themselves.  In the sense of completing the requirements for graduation, it is an end.

But graduation can also marking a new beginning, moving on from the old to the new.  It might mean moving on to the next stage of education.  For those completing a higher level, it might mean the starting of full-time work.

As an end, graduations (especially high school and college) can mean the end to friendships as we go our separate ways.  With that can come sadness.

As a new beginning, graduation from high school or college can mean a new-found freedom, moving out into the world, being on our own for the first time.  This generally brings joy at the accomplishment and some sadness in leaving the old behind.

Life is full of such transitions between jobs or stages of life.  Next week, I will be moving to Immaculate Conception Church as the new pastor.  It will be a change for me in both parish and duties.  I choose to take the positive approach to see it as a new beginning and that it is the Lord leading me there.

How do you see transitions in your life?


Fr. Jeff

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