A Special Presentation

Before Christmas our Parish Evangelization Team was brainstorming on ideas to reach out to the people who come to Mass on Christmas and those who may not come to church at all.  It was decided that I would do a presentation on my own story of going up Catholic, my years of not going to church, what brought me back, and how I have been called to priesthood.

I want to emphasis that the point of this is not talk about myself.  I do not want the focus on me in any way.  It isn’t about me.  It’s about Jesus.  Everything I said in this presentation and, for that matter, everything I do as a priest and pastor is not about me.  I do it all to help people deepen their own relationship with Jesus.  By sharing my story in the way I do, my goal is to help people see how God is present in all our lives.

So, the presentation was scheduled for January 8, 2013.  We announced it in the bulletin, at Christmas, and every chance we had.  As time drew near, several parishioners told me they were planning on coming to hear my story.  A couple told me they were trying to get their family members who don’t go to church to come.  In the end we had almost a hundred people.

So, we are planning for future presentations by me that won’t be my own story but I will use examples from my own life.  Right now, the first presentations will probably be on how we talk to God (prayer) and how we talk to others about God.  All that is yet to be decided.

For today, I want to let you know that my presentation on January 8th was recorded and is now available for online viewing.  Follow this link


to my website to view the presentation.

Peace, Fr. Jeff

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