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Remembering the North American Martyrs

Today (October 19th) we celebrate the memorial of St. Isaac Jogues, St. John De Brebeuf, and their companions.  They are the first North American Martyrs to be officially recognized by the Church.  They are part of our heritage as American Catholics.  They were part of a group of French Jesuits who came to Quebec in the early 1600’s as missionaries to the Native American Indians.  They successfully converted over 7,000 Huron Indians.  Their missionary work let them to enter into New York State where they were martyred by the Iroquois and Mohawk Indians.  They worked hard in the missionary work that God called them to, accepting martyrdom for the glory of God.  You can read more about them at

They helped plant the early seeds of the Christian Faith in North America and for this we venerate them as the North American Martyrs.


Fr. Jeff

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