Welcome Bishop Salvatore Matano

Yesterday (Friday, January 3, 2014), Bishop Salvatore Matano was installed as the ninth bishop of our diocese.

This brings to an end the vacancy in Rochester that lasted almost sixteen months beginning in September 2012 when Bishop Clark’s retirement was accepted.  You can read more about the installation on the Catholic Courier website.  I will just make a couple of comments here.

Bishop Matano spoke at length about his vision of the church.  He commented about receiving Christmas cards that began with Merry Christmas and welcomed him to the diocese that then told him what the writer thought he should do as Bishop of Rochester.  He said it light-heartedly but I’m sure there are people in the diocese who can’t want for Bishop Matano to start making changes.  I’m sure he will work diligently to lead us as our shepherd but I trust he will do so with a prayerful heart.  Bishop Matano spoke of building upon the past.  To maintain a continuity with the past, Bishop Matano at the end of the Mass appointed Fr. Joseph Hart to continue in the role of Vicar General in which he served many years under Bishop Clark.

In addition to those hoping that Bishop Matano will begin making changes soon, I’m sure there are some people in the diocese who hope he won’t change anything.  Whether you hope he doesn’t change anything, a little, or a lot, my advice is don’t pray to get your way.  Pray that Bishop Matano leads us as God chooses, not as we want.  My own experience says things are best when we let God have his way.

Remember Jesus’ words in the garden to our Father “not my will but yours be done”  (Luke 22:42).


Fr. Jeff

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