Standing For Life

Life is a precious gift.

I pray everyday that “all who public office respect the dignity of all life from womb to tomb.”  An individual’s life begins at conception.  In earthly terms, a unique individual is created with a particular set of genes that will never exist again.  In spiritual terms, each life is a gift to be cherished.  Abortion ends life.  The death penalty ends life.  Euthanasia ends life prematurely.

This week Governor Cuomo introduction women’s rights legislation.  There is some good points in the legislation like women’s pay.  Unfortunately, it will also open the door far wider for abortions.  Have you taking the time to tell your state legislators that you stand for life?

Click here to read the NYS Bishops’ Statement on Governor Cuomo’s proposed legislation

Click here to send your legislators and Governor Cuomo an email

 Click here to learn about a prayer rally on June 12th and buses from the Diocese of Rochester

Life is precious.  Life is something to be cherished, never to be thrown away.  Life doesn’t always turn out the way we would like but it is always a gift.  I know of families with children with Down’s syndromes or other “challenges.”  Is life easy for them?  Not really but what is evident in those families is love.  God is love and if we want to be loved we need to love all, no matter what challenges they face.  All life is a gift.


Fr. Jeff


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