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Is There Hope?

Those of you who are long-time readers of my blog know that from time to time, I like to write about the importance of following the news. As Christians we are called to pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters. To do so, we need to know what is going on in the […]

A Time of Distress

As we celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Easter in Year C, our first reading continues to come from the Acts of the Apostles. The Acts of the Apostles tells the story of the early church. In chapter 2 the disciples receive the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. They then go out to proclaim the good news. […]

Forward or Backward?

We are a full two years into the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of us have been worn out by the pandemic. We are tired of shutdowns, social distancing, and facemasks as well as the polarization over these. Presently, there is good news! The number of cases has dropped significantly. We give thanks for this and we […]

Some Preliminary Thoughts on the Situation in Ukraine

In my homily this Sunday I included what is going on in the Ukraine as among the tribulations we face in the world today. Now I would like to offer some preliminary thoughts on Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine. I stress what follows are my preliminary thoughts as it is still less than one week […]

8th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C – Homily

8th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year CSirach 27:4-7Psalm 92:2-3, 13-14, 15-16 (see 2a)1 Corinthians 15:54-58Luke 6:39-45February 27, 2022 In Sirach we hear, “so in tribulation is the test of the just.”  We face “tribulation” (i.e. distress) in our world today. We face it in hearing, maybe even experiencing for ourselves, of violent acts like mass […]

A Troubled World

One does not have to look far to see that we live in a troubled world. We have been dealing with the Coronavirus for two years now. Right now, the number of cases in the United States has dropped significantly in the last month. I pray the rest of the world is also experiencing a […]

What Do We Want to be Different in 2022?

Last week I wrote an article about new year’s resolutions (“A New Beginning”). Today I will share some thoughts about what we might be looking forward to in 2022. I think the thing most obvious thing that we would all like is for the Coronavirus pandemic to be over. We have long since grown wearing […]

The Communion Debate

There is confusion over the question of who can receive Communion in the Catholic Church. The question comes up in the news because of prominent politicians who are Catholic but support abortion. Unfortunately, this leads to the politicization of the question of who can receive Communion. This is a question that concerns not just politicians […]

A Polarized People

I recently saw a news headline where a health official involved in the government’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic said he did not cause political divisiveness. He is right. We have been becoming a polarized people for some time. This is especially seen in politics but polarization is also seen in the church. Why? I […]

Using the News to Pray

In previous articles like, “What’s in the News,” I have written about why I think it is important to follow the news. Watching the news we typically hear more discouraging news than uplifting news. Recently, I have begun trying to use news headlines as the source of material for prayer. I still advocate to follow […]