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My Ministry

I sit here thinking about what my ministry is really meant to be about.  Of course, the obvious answer is Jesus.  But that isn’t what I am trying to get at. 

I work on lots of things like RCIA, baptismal preparation, both the parish website and my own website, this blog, Social Ministry, home and hospital visits, Stewardship, and liturgy to name a few.  I do all these things to help the people know that Jesus is alive and well, and he loves us.  I want to help people deepen their personal relationship with Jesus.

In doing so, not only do I help others deepen their relationship with God but it helps me deepen my own relationship with God.  For instance, I like to read.  Most of what I read is theology to help me ministry to others but it helps me learn more about God is active in our lives.

Sometimes I wonder how I am called to take what I learn and share it with others.  Each of us is called to serve God is some way.  I have been called to minister as an ordained priest celebrating the sacraments for the people.  The sacraments are a special way of experiencing God’s love and grace; to receive his body and blood in the Eucharist, to receive his forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and healing grace in the Anointing of the Sick.

But my call to ministry is more than only celebrating the sacraments.  I am called to break open the Word of God so that we all might know how to apply it in our lives.  I believe this “education” is an important part of what I am called to do.  For instance, I have had a significant involvement in Social Ministry.  There are two sides to Social Ministry.  The first is charity.  This is directly helping people in need by giving them food, drink, clothing, or shelter.  The second side is justice.  This means to stand up against “policies” that make it difficult for people to get ahead.  My own interest is in teaching the principles that help us understand who are called to help and the values we are called to stand up for.

This is a major factor of what being a priest means to me and how God calls me to serve.  God has given you gifts and talents.  How are you called to use them for the building up of God’s Kingdom?


Fr. Jeff

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