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December 31st

Today is December 31st.  It is the end of our secular year 2012.  Tomorrow will be January 1st and mark the beginning of a New Year.  Just a few weeks ago we marked the end of the last liturgical year and the beginning of a new on the First Sunday of Advent.

Christmas was a new beginning in history with the birth of Jesus.  Today’s readings speak of “beginning” and “the last hour”.

The first reading comes from the First Letter of John where he speaks of the last hour arriving.  The gospel reading is from the beginning of the Gospel of John and speaks of the beginning of the world and how Jesus was present at the beginning.  Jesus then comes into the world.

Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and end.  Jesus exists at all times.  (Jesus transcends time).  Jesus offers us a new beginning in the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Rite of Penance/Confession).  Whenever we sin and then become repentant, Jesus offers an opportunity for a new beginning through his forgiveness.

With the beginning of a secular new year, many people will make resolutions to change their lives.  Some will keep their resolutions.  Some will be broken.  What do you need to change to improve your relationship with Jesus and what grace do you need to do it?


Fr. Jeff

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