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Another Week

Today is three weeks since my arrival as the pastor of Immaculate Conception Church.  Last week I spoke about how busy I have been.  I continue to be busy with funerals and meetings.  What I am really trying to focus on is simply getting to know the parish and the people.  This has been a slow process and it will take time.

Yesterday we had a staff planning day to prepare the parish calendar for the coming year.  On a superficial sense, it was about putting dates on a calendar and working out the conflicts.  As the new pastor, for me it was learning about the types of events that happen here to learn about the parish.  I find it a lot to absorb but slowly I seem to be taking it all it.  I believe the very fact that I am absorbing as much as I am is a gift of the Holy Spirit whom without I could not do the task of pastor.

So far, I see Immaculate as a parish that values its traditional Catholic identity.  We are an individual parish but we are also part of a universal Catholic Church that spans across the world and 2,000 years of history.  The fact that the church has spread across the world and through time is a gift of the Holy Spirit.  Since we began using the new translations last Advent, I have been mindful of the typical end of the opening prayer

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your son
who lives and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.

In the unity of the Holy SpiritWe are united as one by the Holy Spirit.  We need to work together as one body in Christ.

So far, my meetings have focused on staff but there will meetings to come with committees and others.  I ask for your prayers that I continue to be open to the Holy Spirit and seek to do God’s Will as pastor.


Fr. Jeff

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