Five Days Later

I officially arrived at Immaculate Conception Church as the pastor on Tuesday (June 26th).  As I was carrying boxes into the office, Sr. Edna asked to talk to me about a funeral.  She apologized for having to ask so quickly.  The funeral was going to be Friday and she needed to know if I was going to be available.  I told her no need to apologize because during my final days at Our Lady of the Lakes I kept thinking somebody was going to call me from Immaculate to say there was a funeral for me to do on my first day so Friday seemed pretty easy.

Of course, I have been spending time this week unpacking.  I said my first Mass here on Wednesday and have been warmly welcomed by parishioners at the daily Masses and in the office.  I have spent a lot of time in conversation with the staff finding out about the parish and what goes on. 

Through all of it, I have been even busier than I expected.  Through all of it, I continue to have a sense of peace about it.  I am not getting worried or worked up about “stuff.”  For me that is a gift from God.  I see this gift of peace as God’s way of telling me I am right where I am supposed to me. 

It is now Saturday morning so in a few hours I will say my first weekend Masses at Immaculate.  As I get ready for this I am thankful for being part of the universal Roman Catholic Church where the Mass is the Mass in every church.  Sure, each church has its own nuisances of how some things are done but it is the same Mass.  So, one of the great comfort points this week has been that when I have said the daily Masses and the funeral Mass, I  know what is going on.  In that I find comfort and a commonality with all the people.


Fr. Jeff

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