A Word on Spam

Knowing there are a number of new people reading my blog in the last couple of months I just want to take a moment to let people know that if you post a comment, it is important that you make a clear reference to the article you are posting.

In the last six months, my blog has received over 14,000 spam comments.  Fortunately, I have a spam filter that catches almost all of it before I ever see it.  Occasionally, a message gets through that I recognize and delete as spam.  Some are not clear.  For instance, this morning I received a comment that said “Thanks for this news, its good information.”  I deleted it as spam because the email address looked suspicious as spam.  It could be a real comment but I have to reject anything that looks like spam to make sure no viruses or anything are attached.

So, just say enough in your comment that I can tell it really relates to an article I wrote.  Thanks.


Fr. Jeff

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