What Does It Mean to Trust In God?

I titled this article “What Does It Mean to Trust in God?” but the thought behind it really is ‘why doesn’t God answer my prayers?’

In my own life, I very much strive to trust in God, knowing that he is the one who is all-knowing and that he has a plan for each of us.  Yet, in times of trouble there is a temptation to tell God how to deal with our troubles.  For example, when someone is ill, we pray that God would immediately heal them.  Now that is a good thing to pray for but maybe a better way to pray is to say to God that our friend is sick and ask God to take care of them according to his will. 

I remember the final week of my mother’s life she was in ICU because of cancer and emphysema.  I could have prayed for the miracle cure.  I did not.  Instead, I just prayed that God take care of her in her suffering.  He did.  He ended her suffering when she died.  If I had just prayed for a miracle, then my prayer would not have been answered.  As was, my prayer was answered, not according to my will, but according to God’s Will.  God’s will is far better than mine and so I trust in him.

Looking at another case, I think a common way that our prayers might not (seem to) get answered is when we think we need to make a change in our lives and we ask God for guidance.  Of course, we would like (at least I would) the answer immediately.  Yet, it seems like we get no answer.  In that case, I think what God might be saying is ‘Yes, I have something different planned for you but it is not yet the time for you to know what you are to do.  Wait.’

Sometimes, I think God just wants us to be open to change if it is his will.  Other times, we have to wait for the answer.  I am not good at waiting.  I like everything to happen as soon as possible.  It doesn’t always happen quickly.  God tells me to trust and wait.

I think we would all like to trust in all God in all things but it is not easy for us.  For me, the difficult part is waiting. 

How do you struggle to trust in God?


Fr. Jeff

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