The Benefits of Hard Work

Last night, our parish school in Penn Yan (St. Michael’s School) held its spring concert.  The first third of the concert was the band playing instrucmental pieces.  The rest of the concert was all the children singing as one large group and by class.  Everything went well.  It showed that the children had practiced and knew their parts.

This morning I joined the school children for their regular morning prayer.  Mr. Paddock, the principal, began by congratulating the children on a concert well done.  I took a few minutes at the end of the prayers to offer my own congratulations to the children.  Then, I used their different parts in the concert playing different instruments and singing as a analogy to how God has given us differrent gifts.  There were several different instruments (trumpet, clarinet, etc.) and singing.  Most people can’t play all the instruments.  Just like in life, we each have different gifts, the band plays together to complete the music.  It won’t be the same if all the band members played the same instrument.  We are called to use the different gifts God has given us to make the world a better place together.

Then, I asked them if they had practiced.  Of course, the answer was yes.  Then, I asked them if they had practiced once, twice, three times, …  Of course, they had practiced several times.  I complimented them on their hard work and practice and encouraged them to keep up the hard work because it is worth it.

Are you willing to put in the hard work or do you rush into stuff without preparing?  We might often be tempted to seek the easy path but a little hard work can go a long way to make the world a better place.

Follow the example of the school children preparing for their concert.  Prepare and practice in all things so you may offer your best to God and the world.


Fr. Jeff

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