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When we evaluate an action as good or bad we tend to look at the effects.  Certainly the effects of our actions are very important.  We must consider the effects our actions have not just for ourselves but for others.

But the effects of our actions are not all we should be interested in.  We also need to think about why do choose an action.  For instance, feeding the poor is always a good action but do we do with love and compassion for those in need or do we do it to ‘show how good we are.’  Do we do something for the good effects or do we do it for pride (which, of course, is a sin)?

We must also realize that sometimes our motivations change in the course of completing a task.  We can start a task with very good intentions.  We encounter opposition from people who aren’t in favor of what we are doing.  We stand up for what we believe in, striving to do the right thing.  Somewhere all the way, we become more interested in winning the battle than doing the right thing.  It can happen to both sides of an argument.

People of integrity aren’t interested in winning.  People of integrity always strive to do the right thing.

How much do you think about why you act as you do?


Fr. Jeff

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