Being Ready

Today’s Gospel (August 27, 2010 -Friday, 21st Week in Ordinary Time) is a parable familiar to many, the Parable of the Ten Virgins.  All ten came when they heard the bridegroom was coming.  Five were well prepared and five were not.  They all brought oil for the lamps but the five who were foolish did not bring enough oil.  They thought it would be short and easy.  Instead, they had a endure a time of waiting.

We are called to be persistent in our waiting.  We pray for our needs but they will be answered in God’s time, not our own.  Today we celebrate the feast of St. Monica.  She was born in the fourth century to a Christian family but she was given in marriage to a non-Christian.  Together they had four children.  Monica kept her faith throughout her life.  She prayed for the conversion of her husband and he became Christian a year before he died.  She also prayed for her eldest son’s conversion.  He tried other religions before turning his heart to the Catholic faith.  Monica prayed for him for many years before he converted.  He was St. Augustine, who became one of the great Catholic fathers of his time. 

It took many years for him to convert but Monica remained faithful in praying for him.  Are we persistent?  Or do we give up?

You might also ask yourself if you are ready, ready for the great things that God will do for you.


Fr. Jeff

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