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My Latest Presentation on Video – “Why Is It So Hard to Forgive Myself (and others)?”

I just finished uploading my latest presentation.  This one is on forgiveness.  Here’s the description:

We know we need forgiveness, yet it can be hard to think that God will forgive us.  We think we are not worthy.  We might think that because we keep committing the same sins over and over that God will stop forgiving us.  When someone offends us over and over, we might want to stop forgiving them.  Fortunately for us, God is not like that.  What other reasons do we have to think we shouldn’t be forgiven?  Why else might we not want to forgive someone else?

It is 1 hour 7 minutes long.  You can view it on my website and get the handouts at—why-is-it-so-hard-to-forgive.html.


Fr. Jeff

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