Beginning the New Assignment

I arrived Tuesday afternoon (June 29th) at St. Michael’s Rectory to begin my new assignment at Our Lady of the Lakes.  It has only been two days so it has been quiet so far with activities focusing on unpacking and getting to know the parish.  I celebrated my first Mass here yesterday at noon at St. Michael’s.  Tomorrow I will celebrate the daily Mass at St. Januarius in Naples and then celebrate the Sunday Masses with them this weekend.  Over the next four weekends I will cycle through each church building to begin to serve the people and get to know them.

Fr. Bob and I have already had at least three separate conversations since I arrived to talk about what I will be doing.  I have been getting to know the staff and what they do.  Over the next few days these conversations will continue so we can discern what it is that God wants me to be involved in here.

Do you take the time to think about (that’s what discerning is) what God wants you to be doing or do you go charging into new activities without talking to God about it?


Fr. Jeff


  1. While we miss you very much already here at St. Mary’s, we know you’ll do fantastic at your new assignment.

    Good luck!

  2. I just reread the Beginning a New Assignment…sometimes, I do just do new things without talking to God first. Just a little reminder that I needed. It is important to be and know we are where we are supposed to be. I have those moments often and it renews my faith. Thank you for your blogs and all you did for us at St. Mary’s and certainly for my family. We will never forget you. You were definitely where you needed to be for Mom and Dad.

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