The Christmas Spirit

Christmas is important!  It is the birth of our savior.  God gives us the gift of his Son, Jesus.  There can be no greater gift!  People will spend much time shopping for the greatest gift but the greatest gift ever cannot be found in a store.  The greatest gift is FREE!  It is Jesus!

Christmas has become very commercialized.  Christmas can get taken over by materialism.  As a kid, I loved all the presents, Christmas cookies, and parties.  Now, there is just one thing I focus on for Christmas, being in Church and hearing the original Christmas story.

When I see people try to rush to Christmas at Thanksgiving, I want to say, “No, it’s not Christmas yet. First we need to spend Advent thinking about what the coming of Christ means for us!”  When Christmas does come I like the traditional Christmas songs like O Come All Ye Faithful, Silent Night, and Joy to the Word.  However, when I see the commercialization of Christmas and the lines it brings at the stores, there is one modern Christmas song that I turn to remember what line we really need to be in.  It is Where’s the Line to See Jesus by Becky Kelley.  You can watch the official music video at


Fr. Jeff

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