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Chalice or Cup?

Bulletin Article for 10/23/11 Appreciating the New Translations One of the deliberate word changes within the Eucharistic Prayers is the changing from the word “cup” to “chalice.”  Currently, our tendency is to use the word “cup” to describe the multiple “containers” used to distribute the Precious Blood of Christ to the people.  Generally, these “cups” […]

The Sanctus in the New Translation

Here’s my bulletin article for 10/16/11 on the new translations. Appreciating the New Translations At the end of the Preface we sing the Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy).  Currently, it begins Holy, holy, hold Lord, God of power and might.’  “God of power and might’ is not what the Latin says.  In the Latin is “Lord […]

More on the New Roman Missal

Bulletin for 10/9/11 Appreciating the New Translations After the gifts are brought up and the altar is prepared the congregation stands and the priest currently says “Pray my brothers and sisters that our sacrifice may be acceptable to God, the almighty Father.”  The “our” will become “my sacrifice and yours” A subtle change but done […]

More on the New Translations of the Third Roman Missal

Here’s my article on the new translations of the Roman Missal for October 2nd. Appreciating the New Translations After the opening prayer, we begin the Liturgy of the Word.  Nothing is changing in the readings or the homily (except with your spirit).  The next change will be in the Creed.  The most visible is that […]

The Opening Prayer

Here’s the bulletin article for September 25th on the new translations. Appreciating the New Translations After the Gloria, comes the Collect, more commonly known as the Opening Prayer.  The wording of this prayer will seem longer and more formal than in the old translations.  The old translations simplified the wording which can be good to […]

Appreciating the New Translations

Here is the this week’s bulletin article on the new translation of the Roman Missal.  After the Penitential Rite comes the ‘ancient hymn of praise,’ “The Gloria.”  At first glance, it may seem to have changed a lot.  What has changed is the order of the words.  The order of the words for the first […]

Next Article on the New Translations

Here’s the bulletin article on the new translations for 9-11-11. Appreciating the New Translations After the opening greeting at Mass comes the Penitential Rite.  We come to Mass to receive the grace we need.  We come acknowledges how we are imperfect and in need of God’s mercy.  In order to help us open our hearts […]

Next Bulletin Article on the New Roman Missal

Here is my bulletin article for September 4, 2011 on the new Missal. Appreciating the New Translations We do not have to proceed far into the Mass before we come to the first change in the new Translations.  The priest leads us in the Sign of the Cross and then says one of three options, […]

More on the New Missal

I wrote the article below for the parish bulletin to introduce a series of short articles to help us prepare for the new translations. Becoming Familiar with the New Translations of the Mass In January, we began to talk about the new English translations of the Mass that we will begin to use in Advent.  […]


Each year the priests and administrators of our Rochester Diocese gather for a convocation with a featured speaker.  Below follows an article I just wrote about the convocation for an upcoming parish bulletin. Continuing Education There is a saying, “We learn something new everyday.”  We learn at school but we also look at work and […]