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A Great Treasure

After the Sunday morning Masses, I had the opportunity to join our two parish youth groups (Middle School & Senior High) for a joint session where they had the opportunity to ask me questions.  I went in with no set text to talk about and there were no restrictions on the questions except that they should have to do with Church.

I really enjoy doing this.  It is really only the second or third time since my ordination that I have been able to do something like this.  Normally, our Youth Group Leaders would often have a prepared topic to cover.  That is not to say they aren’t flexible.  I have observed both of our youth groups in action and believe our leaders are open to answering any questions our youth might have.

Since it isn’t as often as I like that I am able to visit the youth groups I like to put “the ball in their court.”  They are smart intelligent people who, I believe, truly want to understand our faith better.  Answering their questions is important to helping them do this.  By letting them ask the questions, I also hope it helps make our faith relevant for them.  After all, when we ask questions isn’t it often because of what we see in our own lives.

Our youth are a great treasure.  I like to show that I value them as a treasure by spending time with them at youth group.  Our youth are our future.  By helping them to understand and live our faith, we are building for a better tomorrow.


Fr. Jeff

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  1. John Beach says:

    Fr. Jeff,
    What a wonderful idea. I imagine that it was a very interesting experience both for you and our young people. Thanks for sharing.
    John Beach

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