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Chrism Mass

I attended our Chrism Mass last night at the Cathedral.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Chrism Mass, it is a diocesan celebration that always occurs during Holy Week.  It is a Mass so there is the celebration of the Eucharist which is the “Source and Summit of the Catholic Church.”

Two other principal things happen at the Chrism Mass.  First, the priests gather with the bishop and renew their priestly promises.  Ultimately, everything we do as priests flows from God but in renewing our priestly promises, we show our resolve to serve according to God’s will.

The second thing is the blessing of the oils that will be used in the parishes throughout the diocese.  The bishop blesses the oils which are taken back to each parish for the celebration of the sacraments for the coming year.

Both of these are important events in their own rights.  Part of what I like in the Chrism Mass is the sign of unity it provides.  Parishioners and clergy from across the diocese gather together for this celebration.  The priests coming together and the oils going out to the parishes are a sign of unity to me.  We are not a bunch of individual churches, each in our own towns.  We are one church, united in faith.

May God bring us together in unity to follow His Will in all things.


Fr. Jeff

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