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New Series on Prayer

Finally, I have the details for my next series of presentations! It will be a series on prayer called, Giving our Hearts to God: What It Means to Pray.

Now, I don’t profess to be an expert on prayer. In fact, I admit I struggle to pray “well” at times. Prayer can become routine. We pray because that’s why we do. For instance, I pray the Liturgy of the Hours throughout the day. Sometimes something in the psalms or readings really hits home. Other times, it seems very routine. When it is routine or dry, it is important to keep prayer because, in doing so, we leave the door open for God.

I can struggle with distractions in prayer. We want to pray but there is something else on our mind. Sometimes it is something that can wait, like wondering what we are going to make for dinner. Other times it might something we need to make part of our prayer. For example, if we are struggling with job issues, we should take it to God in prayer.

Sometimes we might feel like nothing changes when we pray. We wonder if God is listening. Know that God is always listening. We might ask ourselves if we are trying to get God to change (his mind) or if we should let God change us.

We can pray in different ways. I already mentioned the Liturgy of the Hours. Do you pray the rosary?  What about the Divine Mercy Chaplet? 

In my new series, Giving Our Hearts to God: What It Means to Pray, we will be discussing these topics and questions like what do you ask God for in prayer?  How much time do you spend in prayer?  Do you feel your prayers go unanswered?

Perhaps one question we should be asking ourselves is, “what are we trying to accomplish in prayer?”.

There will be three presentations in the series, each offered in two formats.  Parishioners of St. Mary’s of the Lake and St. Benedict’s can attend in person at St. Benedict’s at 1:30 pm (We will meet in the basement where there is limited handicap accessibility). If you will be attending in-person, I do ask that you let me know you are coming so that I know how many to expect.

Anyone can attend via the Internet/Zoom webinar from your own home at 6:30 pm in the evening (It is the same presentation in-person or via Zoom webinar).  Both will be offered the same date (all Thursdays – October 28th, November 18th, and December 2nd).

You can register for the first webinar now by clicking this link,, and filling in the information requested. You will then receive an email confirming your registration. That email will have the link you need to join in the webinar.

I hope you can join in.


Fr. Jeff

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  1. Jim West says:

    Father Jeff,
    Great to hear from you and thank you for including us in your seminar series.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Jim West

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