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Thinking Beyond Ourselves

In Western New York where I live we have been having one of the mildest winters ever.  The temperatures have been warmer than normal and the snowfall is much less than normal.  Many people have been talking how wonderful it is.

It is much more pleasant than many winters but, looking at the bigger picture, I hesitate to see it as wonderful for two reasons.  First, I keep wondering if the water table is really low which would not be good for the farmers that raise our food.  The lakes are definitely lower than normal but I am not sure how much lower. 

The second reason I am not sure that the mild winter here is wonderful is the tornadoes in the southern part of the United States.  I can’t help but think that the same weather patterns keeping the northeast in a mild winter is the cause of the devastating tornadoes in the south that are not normal for this time of year.  Thinking worldwide, how do our weather patterns relate to all the snow and unusual cold in Europe?

You might be wondering about why I am blogging  about the weather.  You might be wondering if I am going to talk about global warming.  First, let me say I prefer the term global climate change because I am not sure how much the temperature has changed but in my own lifetime I know weather patterns have changed.  However, my point in writing today is not such much global climate change as it is to remind us to ‘think beyond ourselves.’

We are each unique individuals with our own needs but we also need to be concerned about others.  When we make decisions, it isn’t just about what we want or need.  We need to think about the effect it has on others.  Jesus wasn’t thinking about himself when he hung on the Cross.  He was thinking of us.  May we also think of the common good for all.


Fr. Jeff

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