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Next Article on the New Translations

Here’s the bulletin article on the new translations for 9-11-11.

Appreciating the New Translations
After the opening greeting at Mass comes the Penitential Rite.  We come to Mass to receive the grace we need.  We come acknowledges how we are imperfect and in need of God’s mercy.  In order to help us open our hearts to God, we take a moment to call to mind those sins and ask for the Lord’s mercy.  This is not the same as receiving the Sacrament of Penance (Confession).  There are three options for this.  The option we are most familiar with is Form C, where the priest (or deacon) says words to remember the Lord’s mercy.  The congregation verbalizes by saying Lord have mercy, … Christ have mercy . . . Lord Have Mercy.  The words may be a little different but no big changes here.  Another option that we tend not to use at Sunday Mass but is more common at Daily Mass is the Confiteor that begins I confess to you almighty God . . . There is one significant change here.  Traditionally we have said “I have sinned through my own fault.”  This form of acknowledging our sins comes from King David in 1 Chronicles 21:8.  In the new translation, we will say ‘through my fault’ three times.  The repetition is not meant to make our feel like we are terrible people.  It is a call to humbly admit how much we are in need of God’s mercy

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