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Jesus’ Hour Draws Near

This weekend we begin Holy Week.  Easter is the highest day of the year for it is the day we celebrate the Resurrection.  Yet, to properly understand Easter, we cannot just look at the Resurrection itself.  We must look at the whole Triduum.

Thursday will begin the Easter Triduum with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper but before we even get to that point, this weekend we will celebrate Palm Sunday, Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem as ‘his hour’ draws near.  Jesus’ receives a royal welcome as he enters Jerusalem but soon that joyful entry will turn into persecution and trial.

I encourage you to attend our services this week not just on Palm Sunday and Easter morning but also on Holy Thursday and Good Friday to keep watch with Christ.  You should also consider attending the Easter Vigil that recalls God’s care for his people as told in scripture.  Depedning on your parish, at the Vigil, you may have the opportunity to see people baptized and/or received into the church.

To help you enter into the spirit of Holy Week here is some reading from materials I have written in the past.

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Fr. Jeff

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