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Welcome to all!  This blog is the newest development at www.renewaloffaith.orgRenewal of Faith has been in existence for some time as a collection of class papers and reflections that I have written.  I have been blogging since September 2008 but until now the blogging was done on St. Mary’s parish website at http://blog.stmaryssouthside.org.  Recently, I decided to move my blog to my website as I prepare to change parishes in June (2010). 

The look of this blog is different from the parish blog.  First, the picture at the top is taken from the banner on www.renewaloffaith.org.  The picture is of Niagara Falls.  I chose this image as a reminder of the cleansing waters of our baptism.  Another difference from the parish blog is the links found on the right side.  The links are to various Catholic institutions to help you learn and explore the Catholic faith and how we are called to live our faith today.

The left side is similar in content to the parish blog containing links to posts and comments posted on this blog.  One final thing is the bottom edge of the banner picture.  There are five buttons.  The first is a “Home” button to take you back to the main page of this blog.  The next is a button with information about my purpose in blogging.  Then is “Ask a Question” where instead of just responding to my posts you can submit a question on a topic of your choice.  Next is “Guidelines for Commenting.”  These are some guidelines that I hope to never have to enforce.  Please note I will post your comments even if you disagree with me if you comment is written in the spirit of true dialogue and to grow in understanding of each other.  Lastly is a button labelled “Feed.” While I don’t understand how this works you can use this to subscribe to this blog and follow the comments without going to the blog just to see if there are new comments.

If you see only a shortened form of an article, click on the title of the article and it will change to show the whole article.

Let me know if you have any problems viewing my blog.  For now, enjoy and be sure to check back for new posts.


Fr. Jeff

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