Preparing for Christmas

How are your preparations for Christmas going?

What comes to mind when you read the question?  Do you think about the list of gifts you need to buy?  Do you think about the food you need to prepare?  Do you think about the decorating you need to do?  Or do you think about Jesus coming into your life?

Of course, the shopping, the food, and the decorating are going to be on our minds.  They are real tangible things that need to be done.  We do need to think about them.  The problem becomes when we spend all our time thinking about these things and don’t think about what Christmas really is about.

Isn’t that the problem that we can face throughout the year?  We want to spend some time praying with Jesus but there just seems to be too many things going on.  It happens to all of us.  But time spent with Jesus is time well spent. 

This week I missed a meeting of priests in New York City because of the weather.  At the time I was supposed to fly out of Rochester, the New York City airports shut down due to high winds.  Meantime, it was snowing hard at the Rochester Airport.  So, after waiting for just over three hours and no hope of departing anytime soon, I cancelled my flight.  I am sorry I missed the meeting as I take my commitments very seriously.  Yet, I have to admit it gave me the chance to get caught up on some things and to take some time to relax with Jesus.

Yes, we are a busy people.  Sometimes we substitute work for time with Jesus.  I have heard of people who work in ministry who say that their work is their prayer.  Yes, if you are doing ministry, then it is part of your relationship with Jesus but work is not the same as prayer.  Prayer is about conversation with God, both talking and listening.

Make Jesus a priority for Christmas.  Spend some time with Jesus in prayer.


Fr. Jeff

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  1. Father,
    While I do think about all the things you mentioned in my preparations for Christmas; I also think about how I can communicate more deeply to others the love that Christ has graced my own life with. I think about how I can cultivate my service and love towards Him more effectively and with more intensity and committment. There isn’t a single day that goes by that He and what He has done in my life isn’t foremost in my thoughts and I hope the way I’m living reflects that to everyone around me. And not only that, but whenever I have an opportunity to tell people that’s what the goodness is that they might see in me, I take it. For me, Christmas means how can I love more, give more and make Him happy as He has me. Thank you.

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