Accepting the New Translations

One year from now, we will begin using the new English translations of the Roman Missal.  Some people are not aware of the coming changes and don’t really care.  Others ask, “Why do we need to change?  Isn’t it going to be confusing?”  I just read an article in The Priest journal by Fr. Carrion in his regular column.  He uses the following comparison that I find an excellent comparison.  So, I quote it in its entirety.

It is like renovating your house.  It has not had a coat of paint or new flooring or furniture in decades.  It has gotten old, routine, and is need of something.  You decide it is time.  You gather the family to pick colors, furniture, designs, etc.  This is no small or easy task as not everybody has the same idea in mind.  Choices are finally made.  Now it is time to do the awkward transition.  The new look is unfolding; the old look is fading.  The painters have taken over your house; there is no peace and quiet as the workers are busy on the extreme makeover.  You are even having second or third doubts because the color looks different at home on the wall than it did at the store.  The workers are finally gone, the new look is in, all the furniture is back in order.  You sit back and take it all in and smile, thinking, “We should have done this years ago.” (Rev. Carrion, The Priest, “Priestalk, The Roman Missal,” December 2010, Vol. 66 no. 12, 22-23.


Fr. Jeff

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