The Liturgical Books for Mass

I just created a new video for my website called “The Liturgical Books for Mass.”

It’s about eleven minutes long but it has been a longtime coming. Three years ago I created a seven minute video, “So What’s on the Altar?” that describes the liturgical vessels and linens we use at Mass. It was my intent at that time to create similar videos about the Mass. You can see I am just getting to it.

Why now? Perhaps it is God’s timing. Right now, we continue to not be able to celebrate public Masses because of the Coronavirus. We pray for the day to come soon when we can gather again. For now, we yearn for the Mass and the Eucharist. Perhaps this is a good time for us to learn more about what we do at Mass. Do you take what goes on at Mass for granted or do you understand and appreciate it?

With that in mind, I’ll provide a couple of links to articles I have written in the past on our celebration of the Mass:


Fr. Jeff

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