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On the Right Team

This morning I joined our parish school children for morning prayers.  Today was ‘wear your favorite team’s shirt day.”  There certainly were a variety of shirts.  Even the principal had his “team” shirt on.  Of course, they were all sports teams.  Before joining the children for prayers, I stopped in the school office where the principal explained it was ‘team shirt day.’

Interestingly, he commented that I was wearing my team shirt – I was wearing the Roman collar.  The collared shirt is a ‘team shirt’ in the sense that it does identify the team I am on.  I am on God’s team and it is not just a game.  God is the owner, providing us with what we need to win.  You might say the Holy Spirit is the coach because of the guidance the Holy Spirit provides.  Another analogy would have Jesus as the coach because he gives us the game plan in the gospels.

Sports players started making so much money that some leagues have instituted salary caps.  On God’s team, we don’t have salary caps because we aren’t in it for the money.  We take a salary to provide for our basic needs.  In sports, the players salaries are determined by how good they are.  On God’s team, we recognize that we are able to do good works because of the gifts he has given us.  When we are behind, it is God himself who steps up to the plate to score the winning plate.  To God be the glory.

Whose team are you on?


Fr. Jeff

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  1. regina says:

    this so hits the spot love the saint one also but this is telling us where our team is and reminder we need all the time to let us remember God is the reason for everything

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