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The Pace Changes

The cooler weather is a sign of the beginning of Fall.  In New York State, high schools and elementary schools reopened this week.  Most colleges have also began their fall semester.

The pace of life in the church also picks up.  Meetings and events slow down a bit in the summer.  That’s why I haven’t been to many meetings yet in my new assignment.  That is changing now.  I also received a new opportunity to serve the Church.  Two weeks ago I was appointed to our diocesan Presbyteral Council.  Last Tuesday I attended the first meeting of the year.  I was pleased by the thoughtful participation of the priests.  The morning portion of the meeting focused on offering pastoral concerns for the coming year.  After lunch, there were some short presentations on various activities within the diocese.  Before concluding, we elected four priests to the Executive Committee to work with Bishop Clark and Fr. Joseph Hart (Vicar General).  On Wednesday, we (the Executive Committee) met to review the pastoral concerns at Tuesday’s meeting and to set the agenda for next month’s council meeting.  At the Executive Committee, I was selected to be one of our representatives to the Priests’ Council of New York (PCNY).  I am just learning what these meetings will be about and what my role with be.  Rest assured I will do my best to serve on each of these councils to the best of my ability, asking for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to follow God’s Will.

This week brings more activities.  In a few minutes, I will leave for a regional social ministry in Geneva at Catholic Charities.  Tuesday evening I will be attending the annual “All Boards Convening” for Catholic Charities in the Rochester Diocese.  Fr. Larry Synder, from the National Catholic Charities Office, will be the featured speaker.  Wednesday night is a meeting at St. Patrick’s (part of Our Lady of the Lakes parish where I serve) to address the concerns of St. Patrick’s in particular.  Thursday night is a parent meeting for families with children preparing for First Penance this Fall.

As this week begins, I pray for God’s graces to be upon our Church, that we work to build up his Kingdom according to His Will.


Fr. Jeff

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