The Food We Need

We have many choices in what food we eat. We have various meats to choose from, beef, chicken, pork, and lamb. Or we can choose fish and seafood. There are numerous choices for vegetables ranging from peas and carrots to broccoli and brussels sprouts. Of course, there are fruits like apples and oranges. There are dairy products. And, of course, there is desserts and snacks like candy, cookies, and cakes.

What is the food you like to eat? After all, our bodies need food. We have to eat and we figure we might as well enjoy it. Think of when you go out to eat. Do you look for a restaurant where you get your favorite dish without having to make it yourself or do you go for the buffet so you can get a little bit of everything?

Now ask yourself where you look for fulfillment in life? A great meal can bring enjoyment that day but what about life in general? Do you seek fulfillment in having a fancy home, car, or travelling on vacation?

Where is Jesus in this?

There is one food I didn’t mention above, bread. Bread is a basic food. We use it as an image, bread and water, of what we need for life.

In the Bread of Life Discourse, (John 6), Jesus identifies himself as the Bread of Life and tells us that if we eat this bread, we will live forever. We are created in the image of God. We are created to know God. We are created to know Jesus and the love of God. Other things may make us happy for a day but only Jesus can fulfill us for eternity.

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