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Another Week Draws to a Close

Well, I have been at Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Community for five weeks now.  I continue to become involved in more things as each week passes.  This was probably my busiest week so far.  Fr. Bob was away this week so I said some of the daily Masses that he normally would.  I went to a Care of the Community Meeting at St. Theresa’s.  I have been working on our RCIA program.  We are trying to have more publicity this year to invite more people to become Catholic.

I met with a new community group forming in Penn Yan that helps people work their way out of poverty.  It will provide training for families on things like budgeting. It will also help the families find the right agency to help with their needs.  That meeting was Wednesday.  On Thursday, I met with our parish social ministry leader to learn about all the social ministry activities that happen in the parish.

I have been reading up on Stewardship as we are beginning a stewardship committee here.  For the last two weeks I have been redesigned the parish website ( and writing the material for many of the pages.  The website still needs a lot of work but it is up and running now if you want to check it out.

 So, life is pretty busy but I continue to enjoy being here at Our Lady of the Lakes.  


Fr. Jeff

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  1. regina says:

    check out you new web page coming along nicely love your arcticles been lax the last few weeks so caught up.thanks for the help a few weeks ago appreciate and so did the other family

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