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Reminder of Guidelines for Commenting

I maintain this blog to help educate people about our Catholic faith.  My desire is to always have constructive and polite dialogue.  I have been writing for this blog since late January 2010 and for over a year before that on a parish blog.  In that time I have allowed comments from people who disagree with me and do my best to respond to them.

Until today the only comments that I have deleted without posting were spam.  Today I received a comment on my posting about Catholic Annulments.  The writer disagrees with me and says that annulments are just Catholic divorce.  I can understand that person’s opinion.  That is not the reason I am removing the comment.  The writer chose to use curse words and to be “un-civil.”

You can find the “Guidelines for Commenting” on my blog by clicking on the tab near the upper-right corner of your screen.  Please follow these guidelines.  It really does bother me to censure comments.  I was tempted to just ignore the comment but I felt the need to be honest to any regular readers and admit that there are people who disagree with me even if I feel it appropriate to post their comment.


Fr. Jeff

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