A Brief Word From Away

I haven’t written in a few days so I thought maybe I should write something.  I am taking a few days off and enjoying the spring weather.  I’ve been doing a little reading, spending some time with friends, and spending time “working” in the yard.  I put “working” in quotations because, while it is work, I am doing it because I enjoy spending the time outdoors in God’s creation and I enjoy doing something.  While I do take time to relax I cannot do nothing all day.  That isn’t enjoyable for me.

I find God in the beauty of the outdoors and I find myself spending some of that time reflecting on my relationship with God and what is going on in my life. 

What do I read when I am on vacation?  I have two books with me.  One is on evangelization and one is on the scientific big bang theory relating to spirituality and creation.  Some might say how is reading that vacation.  While I don’t spend a lot of time reading either on these on vacation I do enjoy it. 

Some travel on vacation.  I just like a chance of pace and being able to spend the time outdoors and with friends.  God is good.


Fr. Jeff

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