How We React to Stuff

What follows is  a piece I wrote for next week’s bulletin.

How We React to “Stuff”
Just about a month ago I was driving back to Ithaca. I was near Mecklenburg when a coy dog walked out in front on me (for those who don’t know what a coy dog is, it’s a vague term for a blend between a wild dog and a coyote).  I slammed on the breaks but there wasn’t enough time to stop before I hit it and it went underneath the car.

So, I pulled over to check the damage.  A quick look didn’t reveal much damage.  I walked back to check on the animal.  I looked at the animal from a distance, thinking it was dead.  Then it got up and walked away.  So, I went back and looked underneath and found one piece of plastic hanging down. So I reached underneath and ripped it off so it won’t drag. Seeing no other damage I drove back to Ithaca.

When I got back, I looked underneath and saw a small amount of fluid leaking. Further review showed the air conditioner condenser was damaged. So I called my insurance company.  If you looked at the vehicle from a few steps away, you would see no damage. A closer examination revealed the bumper was cracked and the air conditioner condenser, radiator, and transmission cooler, along with a few brackets were all damaged.   Twelve days later, with towing and rental the bill was about $4,800 of which the insurance paid everything but my $200 deductible.

So why I am writing about this?  This is all background to tell you my reaction, I didn’t get upset.  I didn’t stress.  I remember about twelve years ago when I hit a deer (actually the deer ran into the corner of my car).  I was on the way to my mother’s. When I got to her house, I went in and she immediately asked what was wrong.  I was not hurt but I was “cranky”.  I spent most of the day upset. That was the way I would react to such events. but not now.  As I watched the coolant leak out of my vehicle I gave thanks to God that I was able to get back to Ithaca before the leak started.  I was also reminded that I could be thankful when the insurance agent called me back and the first thing he said was to as if I was ok.  I was fine.

What’s the difference from twelve years ago?  In faith, I have come to realize such things aren’t so important. Thanks be to God.


Fr. Jeff

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