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Too Much To Do

We live in a very busy world.  Families can spend all their time going to their children’s events whether it be sports, plays, or concerts.  Many adults spend tremendous hours at work.  I even know some retired people whose volunteer hours total more than a full-time job at 40 hours.

Sometimes we are the cause of our own busyness.  The best example of this are the retired people who choose to volunteer for so many hours.  Families sometimes “get stuck” with the busyness with any one activity.  Sometimes I think it is because their children, by choice, get involved in multiple activities at the same time.  For those who work too much, sometimes it is because of choices we make and sometimes it is simply the work that falls to us and we feel like we must get it done, no matter how many hours it takes.

Sometimes our busyness is thrust upon us but often it is because of choices we make.  In making choices, we need to have our priorities set.  For instance, a family may choose to have their child involved in sports that has games or practices everyday of the week, leaving them time for nothing else.  The benefit of all the practices and games is (hopefully) becoming a better player but at what cost.

As a pastor, I see one of the things that suffers from sports or other activities is the family’s faith life.  People don’t come to church, religious education, or youth group because of sports or other extracurricular activities.  I can understand the importance of these activities but by choosing them over church, we are saying that they are more important than God.

I realize that if the child misses a Sunday practice or game, they may not get to play other times.  Remember the days when sports didn’t play on Sundays?  Why did it change?  In part it changed because fewer people are going to church regardless of sports so it isn’t a problem.  It also changed because when it started to change, people didn’t “complain” enough.  Can one family force the change?  Maybe not, but if all the families involved in the team who go to church banded together maybe it could change.

I’ve focused here on children’s sports but I think the same idea of setting priorities and making choices is true for all of us.  Is work more important to us than God?  What determines your priorities?


Fr. Jeff

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