Survey Responses

Well, the Survey Responses are in.  I’ve attached the full responses here.

Before I continue, I would like to thank everyone who responded.  All the responses were favorable.  Now, let me respond to the comments to the final question “What suggestions do you have to make Renewal of Faith Better?”

“I also would find it interesting if you would occasionally write about things from your OWN perspective–as priest, as pastor, kind of a personal approach. If you’re comfortable about that. I guess more your opinions, your struggles, etc. Sometimes we share the same struggles but don’t know that. Thanks for all you do.” – Everything I write is from my perspective in the sense (except for the homily posts) everything I write about comes directly from what is going in my life and ministry.  Based on this comment, I think maybe I need to find ways to make the connection (through direct examples) to what triggers me to write the article.  As to writing about my own struggles, this is a struggle for both my own privacy and confidentiality.  For instance, there are times I thought about writing about some of the struggles I was facing as we were going through the hiring process for both a new Principal and a Pastoral Associate but I felt I couldn’t write about them as the process was going on and when it concluded last week, I didn’t do if afterwards.

One person commented on grammatical errors.  I do try to catch these but have been told I missed a few lately (made changes afterwards).  I will consider writing the blogs first in a program with a grammar check and then transfer them into the blog format.

“New to blogs – not sure what else to include, maybe information on the “new” Vatican II: things that didn’t go right, where do we go to find the documents to read, that type of information would be helpful.  I have also found a complete disconnect with any of the popes years of  ___ as a parish or with the DOR they don’t seem to talk about what the popes are talking about.  Maybe I should be finding this someplace else other than the blog but I don’t know where that would be.  I just think we should be more connected to Rome than we appear to be. ” – I have to ask here, when you talk about being more connected to Rome, what is it you want to see in this blog?  Comments on what Rome says?  Links? Other?

Maybe short ones more often with thoughts for the day or two with some longer reflective ones” – Generally, the longer posts are longer because they are Sunday or Holy Day homilies posted in their entirety.  I am posting them by request and will continue to do so.  I try not to let other articles become too long.

Perhaps you could add a question and answer feature (leave an open survey link to collect questions, and answer them as you find time)” – There is a question and answer feature.  If you look at the picture of the waterfall at the top, in the lower right corner there are several tabs.  One is labeled “Ask a Question”.  Click on that tab and after a three sentence introduction by me, it says “comment”.  Click on that and submit your question there.  If you have a question about a particular article I wrote, you can find the same “comment” feature at the end of each article.

Have someone else post an article or possibly do a form of a Bible study or Book Review.” – The idea of having someone else post an article has crossed my mind and I have never completely ruled it out.  I’ve simply never done it as I see it as my blog and hence my perspective.  I don’t have much time to read other blogs but when I have they tend to be written by either just one individual or regular articles by numerous people.  On his blog, Cardinal Dolan has included links to other people’s writings.  I will consider doing the same.

As to doing a Bible Study on the blog, I have not considered that.  Any suggestions on how to do something like that in short blog articles?

As to book reviews, I believe I have done it once or twice a couple of years ago.  I have to admit I am not reading anywhere near as much as I would like or should.  Please say a prayer that I find more time to read and I will about writing some book reviews.


Fr. Jeff


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