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The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

The Most Holy Body and Blood of C, Year BExodus 24:3-8Psalm 116:12-13, 15-16, 17-18 (13)Hebrews 9:11-15Mark 14:12-16, 22-26June 6, 2021 Today we celebrate the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ.  In the Eucharist, it is truly Jesus we receive.  It begins as bread and wine but it is changed, it is transubstantiated into the […]

Resistance to Change

Since it was announced that I will be moving to a new assignment, I have written several articles related to change. The first one, “The Next Change”, started with the saying “change is inevitable.” For me, change almost seems a regular part of life. Yet, we can be resistant to change. Why are we resistant […]

Maintenance & Mission

Four weeks from today I will be moving to my new assignment at St. Mary’s of the Lake and St. Benedict’s. As I prepare to lead them, I continue to reflect on what it is that God calls us to. As I think about what God calls us to, I think we find an answer […]