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Five Days Later

I officially arrived at Immaculate Conception Church as the pastor on Tuesday (June 26th).  As I was carrying boxes into the office, Sr. Edna asked to talk to me about a funeral.  She apologized for having to ask so quickly.  The funeral was going to be Friday and she needed to know if I was […]

An End or a New Beginning

It is the time of year for graduations.  Nowadays, we have graduations from Pre-K, Kindergarten, elementary school, high school, and college.  Graduations mark the accomplishment of learning.  They come at the end of the school year and are often thought of as an “end” themselves.  In the sense of completing the requirements for graduation, it […]

A Different Change

I left my job with the New York State Department of Transportation in 2000.  I then spent two years in Rochester completing my pre-theology studies.  Then I went to Washington, DC at Theological College for two years.  Next, I was in Rochester for a pastoral year before completing my final two years in seminary in […]

A Word on Spam

Knowing there are a number of new people reading my blog in the last couple of months I just want to take a moment to let people know that if you post a comment, it is important that you make a clear reference to the article you are posting. In the last six months, my […]

Here is the homily I gave today. Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood, Year B Exodus 24:3-8 Hebrews 9:11-15 Mark 14:12-16, 22-26 June 10, 2012 While in the desert, the Israelites received the Law from God through Moses.  Today Moses repeats the “words and ordinances” that make up the law to the people […]

The Role of the Government

It should be quite obvious to anyone who regularly follows the national news that this is a presidential election year.  While we believe in the separation of church and state, this does not mean we ignore our faith in issues before the government.  We must hold to the principles of right and wrong that we […]