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Time of Transition

I am not one to like change but I also believe change is a necessary part of life.  There can be no growth without change. Change has been a regular part of my life since I left my job with the New York State Department of Transportation to begin studies to become a priest.  That […]

Where Does the Law Come From?

I attended a presentation presented by our diocesan tribunal entitled “Where Do Laws Come From?” by Emmett G. Wells, Lay Director of the Tribunal. As the title indicates, the presentation examined the origin of “law” in general. Today, many might see “law” as something put into effect by the proper authority.  Many may believe the […]

Leadership Changes

I present my homily for today (May 20, 2012 – 7th Sunday in Easter, Year B) here because, building from the first reading, I talk about how we select leaders in the church and government.  If you have never heard about how pastors or bishops are selected you might enjoy reading this.  If you are […]

Mother’s Day

Here is the article I wrote for the cover of today’s (Mother’s Day) bulletin. In the Church today we celebrate the Sixth Sunday of Easter but we also recognize today as Mother’s Day.  We take time each year on the second Sunday in May to honor our mothers.  On the third Sunday in June we […]

“The Future Church”

I put the title of this article in quotations because it is not actually my title.  It is the title of a talk I heard today by John L. Allen, Jr. and it is also the title of his book on the same subject.  The talk was given at our annual diocesan Ministerium and was a […]

Remain in Me

In this Sunday’s (May 6, 2012) Gospel, Jesus proclaims “I am the vine, you are the branches” and He calls us to “remain in him.” What do we do to remain in Jesus? It begins with coming to Mass but it does not end there.  To ‘remain in Jesus’ requires more than an hour a […]