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How Do You Describe God?

None of us has seen God but we can each have our own way of describing our experience of God.  Recently, my spiritual director gave me a list of words that people may use to describe God.  He asked me to look at the words and ask myself does the word fit my image of […]

Some Questions and Answers

I received three questions yesterday submitted to the web site and have posted the answers at Peace, Fr. Jeff

The Saints Are Examples To Us

When we think of saints, the first thing that comes to mind is often ‘people that are in heaven.’  The second thing that might come to mind is that we pray for their intercession.  I emphasize ‘for their intercession’ because we do not pray for the saints to do miracles for us.  Rather, we pray […]

Natural Disasters

It seems to me that the number of natural disasters and the size of the disasters has been rising, floods, volcanoes, and earthquakes. The latest, of course, is the earthquake in Japan this week.  There is massive damage from the earthquake.  Giving that earthquake was measured at 8.9, I think we can give thanks that […]


Today (Ash Wednesday) is a day of fasting and abstinence.  As Catholics, we abstain from meat today.  I seldom go a day without eating meat so this is a sacrifice for me but I do so willingly because God is more important to me than a piece of meat.  As Catholics, we are also called […]

Just Back From New York City

I just returned this evening from a short time to New York City.  Yesterday I attended an all-day meeting of PCNY (the Priests’ Council of New York).  We hold quarterly meetings with priests representing all the diocese of New York State.  We come together to discuss the common challenges we face.  This month one of […]