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A Better Place

I think that one of our goals in life should be to make the world a better place.  But how do we know when we have done this? I remember being part of a conversation with a group of teenagers where one of them, probably about fourteen or fifteen years old, said her parents were […]

It’s Christmas!

Today is a day to rejoice for For today in the city of David a savior has been born for you who is Christ and Lord (Luke 2:11 – from Mass at Midnight Readings). Many people celebrate Christmas as a holiday without really knowing and appreciating its origins as Christmas.  There was a Roman holiday on […]

The Christmas Spirit

Many Christians wonder if the true meaning of Christmas has been lost.  I share this concern.  There are people who have never been to church in their lives who celebrate Christmas.  I bet you could even find atheists who celebrate Christmas.  Of course, they celebrate it as a secular holiday.  Of course, other religions also […]


What comes to mind when you hear the word penance?  We often think of penance as the “punishment” we receive when we go to Confession.  That would be true but that definition of penance needs to go a little deeper.  The purpose of penance is not simply punishment.  To understand this, let’s look at the […]

Preparing for Christmas

How are your preparations for Christmas going? What comes to mind when you read the question?  Do you think about the list of gifts you need to buy?  Do you think about the food you need to prepare?  Do you think about the decorating you need to do?  Or do you think about Jesus coming […]